Madaxweynaha turkiga oo caddeeyay inaysan sinnayn nin iyo naag

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday, explicitly that no equality between men and women, and that the religion of Islam, select the role of women in society, motherhood, the Turkish Islamic President made the remarks in front of a large crowd of women during a summit on justice and women.

Conservative Islamic Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed Monday without equivocation that there is no equality between men and women openly criticizing defenders of women's rights, and accused Literally, that they are against motherhood.

And in front of a crowd of a large number of women during a summit on justice and women in Istanbul, Erdogan said, "our religion (Islam) identified the role of women (in the community): motherhood."

He added that "Some people understand it and others do not, you can not ... This is the interpretation of women's rights defenders because they do not even they accept the idea of motherhood."

He explained that he could not be the treatment of men and women in the same way "as that against human nature."

He continued, "Taballn and different habits and their bodies (...) You can not put a woman breastfeeds her child and a man on an equal footing."

He said, "You can not ask a woman to do all kinds of work done by a man as was the case in communist regimes," he said. "You can not get out of them and the cultivation of the land that violates the weak nature of the women ask."

Erdogan's party, who has ruled Turkey since 2002 regularly critics of authoritarianism and the quest for the Islamization of Turkish society, particularly through the reduction of women's rights and the accused.

And Erdogan, who was prime minister for 11 years before his election in August / August the country's president, has repeatedly raised the anger of the Turkish women's associations by trying to limit the right to abortion and women's recommendation begetting at least three children.

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